Our Company

Rubber Ducky Press

was founded to create fun and educational books for young minds.

Our list of regional interest titles will help introduce your kids their surrounding and strength their sense of community. Each book is produced to the highest quality standards and features a diverse and inclusive array of people, places, and things that make each state and region unique.

Our ABC books feature a hidden rubber ducky on every page that helps keep kids engaged with the material. At the back of each book parents will also find a complete alphabet in both upper and lower case so they can read (or sing) along with their child that oh so familiar ABC song. These are features not found in competing regional interest ABC books.

Our Sweet Dreams series features beautiful custom hand painted original illustrations that feature the people, places, animals, and objects related to the state or region of interest. Whether you are taken with the innovative ABC series, or the touching beauty of the Sweet Dreams bedtime books, or one of our stand alone titles we hope your experience with Rubber Ducky Press goes swimmingly.

Rubber Ducky Press is distributed nationally by Cardinal Publishers Group.