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Do you want to take your kids to Florida but can’t plan a trip right now? Do you live in Florida and want to help your children learn a bit more about the sunshine state? Whether you live there or visit there, ABC Florida will keep your youngsters entertained and educated as they learn the letters of the alphabet while also learning about the state.  This book introduces young readers to the shapes and sounds of the letters of the alphabet in a fun jaunt through the Sunshine State. In ABC Florida,  your children will build their vocabulary, they will learn about the Florida state bird, animals, foods, and landmarks. As a bonus, they will follow a friendly ducky across the pages as it guides children through the book, hiding somewhere on each page. With Tough-to-tear pages and a sturdy hardcover, ABC Florida is durable and safe for lots of learning fun.

Check out these fun coloring pages and activity kits! 

Coloring Page Set FL

ABC FL Activity Small

About the Author

Adriane Doherty read to her young children daily, and her love of books and helping young minds grow and understand the places around them inspired her to write. Adriane has traveled the state of Florida from the Keys to St. Petersburg to Tallahassee and many places in between. After attending college Adriane entered into a sales career and later into finance, and is the long-time accounting and operations director of the company she and her husband founded. She lives with her husband and three children in Carmel, Indiana.

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