For anyone who has children, worked with children, or babysat children, you know that the younger the child, the shorter the attention span. That could also be said to be true with some adults between our fast-paced lifestyles and our smart (or smart-aleck) phones. Keeping children interested in a topic is important especially if you are trying to teach them something. There are ways to successfully keep them attentive. Let’s take a look at how to hold a child’s attention.

If children get bored they get fidgety. If they are fidgety, they can get into mischief. How do we keep children from getting bored? We occupy them with something that stimulates their brains and bodies. Since each child is different, we need to find out what projects keep them interested to the point of completing them. Some children love to color and can focus their interest on coloring the whole page. Some may not color every item on the page while others might even add to it. Some children love to build Lego’s or blocks. This type of project could grasp their attention for longer periods of time. Each project benefits the child and it is helpful to move from hand-eye coordination with active engagement or building their vocabulary with by reading books to them and singing songs with them. If we find a number of activities that they can do throughout the day, we will successfully embrace their awareness without getting bored and squirmy.

Reading books, pointing out letters, colors, and shapes, and looking at the pictures are ways to keep a preschooler occupied.

Rubber Ducky Press books have exactly the things that we need to benefit growth and hold a child’s attention. The ABC books not only teach children the alphabet, but they also teach interesting points about one of the states. With a friendly little yellow ducky hidden on each spread, the children can search the picture to find it.

The Sweet Dreams collection takes children to different cities and states where they can enjoy the attractions that make that place special. The pictures are delightful to look at and will let their imagination grow.

Rubber Ducky Press goes to extra lengths to offer sturdy books with rounded corners, or hardcovers with pages that don’t tear. Learning is fun with Rubber Ducky Press books.

You can see all the Rubber Ducky Press books that are available by going to our online Book Shop. If you see a title you would like to have, you can order right on our website as well. You may have questions. If so, please contact us here or give us a call at 317-352-8200.

Happy Reading ~ Ginger Bock

Ginger Bock was the director of High Tower Academy and Daycare Ministry for five years where learning to hold a child’s attention came not only from book knowledge but also from experience.