Rubber Ducky Press books are created to help children learn to read, understand sounds, find out about different places, and enjoy the darling illustrations on each page. The books are structured with sturdy covers and tear-resistant pages, which are perfect for brand new readers. Parents and caregivers will enjoy time reading to children with Rubber Ducky Press books as they drink in the information and appreciate the colorful visuals the stories create.

We have an array of books that will point children to learning. They will learn about places and states along with the alphabet from our line of ABC books. They will learn about counting, colors, and gardens from our One Tomato and Purple Carrot books. They will learn about words and friendships in books like Tongue Twisters that Teach and Chicken and Moodles. They will say goodnight to the creatures and places that make up the Sweet Dreams series. Each book takes children on a learning journey.

Here are some things that others are saying in praise for Rubber Ducky Press books.

The Midwest Book Review

By Diane Donovan

Rubber Ducky Press specializes in ABC books and picture books for young children ages 3-6. Here are two of their simply outstanding new titles:

Synopsis: “ABC Kentucky” (9781947141568, $12.99, HC, 28pp) by author/storyteller Adriane Doherty and artist/illustrator Anna Bachmann introduces children to the shapes and sounds of the letters of the alphabet in a fun jaunt through America’s Blue Grass State. In “ABC Kentucky”, kids will enjoy building their vocabulary and learning about Kentucky’s state bird, animals, foods, attractions, and landmarks. A friendly ducky guides children through the book, hiding somewhere on each page.

Synopsis: “Chicken and Moodles” (9781947141636, $12.99, HC, 32pp) by author/illustrator Nikki Esarey is about how life on the farm is a great place to make friends. In “Chicken and Moodles”, a cow and chicken make the unlikeliest of friends as they stick together through it all. No matter what, you can always find them together. In the end, they prove that when you nourish a friendship it will stay strong. Children ages 4-6 will enjoy see them live together on the farm and meet their other friends who fit right in!

Critique: “ABC Kentucky” and “Chicken and Moodles” are fun, original, and unreservedly recommended additions to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library collections for young readers. Both are hardcover titles with sturdy pages, ideal for being handled by children.

Editorial Note #1: Adriane Doherty ( read to her young children daily, and her love of books and helping young minds grow and understand the places around them inspired her to write.

Editorial Note #2: Nikki Esarey ( began working in 1999 at the Crawford County Public Library in English, Indiana coordinating children’s programming. She soon transferred to the Breeden Memorial Library. In 2010, she went to work for the Harrison County Public Library in Corydon where she still works and continues to do story-time and other children’s programs.

Don’t wait, pick up a copy of a Rubber Ducky Press book today and take your children on a quick jaunt somewhere special.