One fun way for someone just learning to read is to open the pages of a book that has lots of delightful illustrations and many simple ways to identify letters and words. Adriane Doherty’s ABC series does just that.

ABC Yellowstone teaches children about the wonders that are found inside the National Park.

From K is for Keystone giving a brief description of what a keystone is to W is for Whitaker showing the science and art center, ABC Pennsylvania is full of information about the people, the places, and the things that make up the state.  

ABC Indiana covers more than corn in the Hoosier state. They will experience areas like the covered bridges, the zoo, and the dunes.

Desiring that growing minds will sparkle as they learn, Adriane has also written ABC Christmas, ABC Kentucky, ABC Florida, ABC Ohio, and ABC Texas.

Along the same lines, the Sweet Dream series is meant to teach children about the special sights, areas and animals that make up a certain state or city. These beautifully illustrated bedtime stories will take children on a journey through various places and attractions that are exclusive to that place. Take a trip through Indiana, Ohio, Chicago, and Chesapeake Bay in the Sweet Dream series. Coming soon is Sweet Dreams Yellowstone, so be on the look-out for it.

To see more children’s books, have a look at our Books section. You can find a nice variety of books for learning. There are books that teach counting, speaking, and the beauty of the woods. You will find all of them as you browse our Books section.

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