Whether you live in the Florida or are planning a trip there in the near future, this state is loaded with all types of attractions. So, children’s author, Adriane Doherty knew that selecting this state for her next My First Alphabet Book series would be a great way to help children learn their alphabet while also learning about Florida. That is when ABC Florida was birthed. Children will be able to identify the letter and associate it with an item, animal, plant, or place related to the Sunshine state. They will learn basic details about certain things found there. There is never ending delight at the challenge presented to them as they try to find the little yellow ducky hidden somewhere on the pages of the book. Because the illustrations and tell a story, are relatable to the reader, and darling, children will want to return to the pages and look at the colorful and fun pictures over and over again.

The importance of a book like this is the way children can build their vocabulary. If they are not from Florida, they will learn about a place where they do not live such as the state bird, the fun food, the variety of animals found there, and some of the special landmarks. If they are from there, ABC Florida will help them learn even more about the place where they live.  

ABC Florida comes with a sturdy cover and durable page which make it safe for many hours of learning fun to be had.

Don’t stop just at ABC Florida. Your child can learn the alphabet and several other states with these alphabet series. We also have ABC Indiana, ABC Michigan, ABC Ohio, ABC Yellowstone, ABC Texas, ABC Pennsylvania, and ABC Christmas.


Traveling Florida was a pleasant experience for Adriane Doherty. She has visited the state from the Keys to Tallahassee and many places in between. She loves to help young mind grow and to see children learn. This is what inspired her to write the array of ABC books and the Sweet Dreams series. Adriane’s talents span the gamut from running a business to teaching others. Though she’s visited the places she writes about in the My First Alphabet Book series and the Sweet Dreams series, she calls Indiana her home and lives there with her husband.

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