This time of year, is bursting with wonder and excitement. The kindness of people shines through and their generosity helps others. There are parties, programs, delicious foods, tiny lights, and lively songs. There is the joy of baking cookies and giving gifts, and a child’s imagination can go wild. There is an energy that you do not see any other time of the year, and memories are being made throughout the season. A child’s excitement level is contagious and can be off the charts. That is what makes ABC Christmas a special part of the season. Adriane Doherty, the author of this delightful title, created this fun board book about Christmas for children who are beginning to learn their alphabet.

Christmas comes to life in the pages of this learning book with illustrations that will hold a child’s attention and help them retain all the information that ABC Christmas offers. The children not only learn their alphabet, but they also will learn about the wonders of Christmas. From antlers to tinsel Christmas is covered.

You will not only have fun helping a child learn to read, but you will also hold the satisfaction that you helped them learn the ABCs, special words, and the wonders of Christmas. As they apply the letters of the alphabet to the related word, our fun little ducky will guide them through the book hiding somewhere on each page. Kids love to play Hide-and-Seek, and they will love this seek-and-find feature. The pages are rounded and strong making this a robust gift that will last through lots of times they turn those pages.

The book can be directed by an adult to help a child learn, but it can also be independently enjoyed by children learning to read.

The Christmas season has always been special to Adriane Doherty, and she is sharing that love with others in this book.


ABC Christmas is one of several in our ABC series. Have a look around the shop and see what else would be good to put under the tree for your special new reader.

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Happy Reading ~ Ginger Bock